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Short Biography of John Pinto, Ph.D.

John Pinto received his Ph.D. from Stanford University and served on staff at Interval Research Corporation. In his work as an independent consultant, his main focus is aiding clients in conducting product development research that drives the creation of effective and intuitive hardware, software, and web-based products. Dr. Pinto also has over 15 years of experience as an academic research consultant, creating specialized hardware and software solutions for the behavioral sciences. His custom research tools have been deployed at several cognitive and social science laboratories, as well as with businesses and non-profits. He offers a unique blend of experience, technological expertise, academic rigor, and business savvy.


What John Brings to his Work Projects

  • Ph.D. psychologist trained in cognition, perception, & development
  • Real-world experience in product development research in a variety of disciplines
  • Expertise doing interview-based research with children, adolescents, and adults
  • Professional training in questionnaire development and survey design
  • Practical experience with telephone, paper, and web-based surveys
  • Advocates the importance of usability and a “user-centered” design approach
  • Research deliverables focus on action items and real results

Lab and Field Studies

Pinto Research plans, executes, and analyzes observational research in whatever venue and with whatever methodology is most appropriate. This can be in formal labs, in “guerilla-style” low-tech settings, or in the field. It can involve gathering feedback on early product concepts/prototypes, as well as finished products using one-on-one interviews, focus groups, task-based usability studies, ethnographic research, contexual inquiry, and remote-observation techniques.

Survey Design, Implementation, and Analysis

Quantitative and qualitative survey research can demand expertise in multiple data analysis and visualization techniques. Deliverables in survey research can include defining survey research goals, recruiting a target audience, constructing survey questions & scales, implementing on-line data collection, analyzing results, and presenting findings.

Programming and Custom Tools

Pinto Research advocates the use of quick off-the-shelf solutions to facilitate observational research methodology whenever possible. However, when necessary we develop custom hardware and software tools to assist in data collection, stimulus presentation, and video analysis in behavioral science research.


Selected Past Client List

Selected past clients from industry have included Adobe, Agilent, B3 Corp / Wells Fargo, BEA Systems, E*TRADE,, Good Technology, HopeLab, Intuit, Lego,, Neuroscience Solutions (a.k.a. Posit Science Corp), Research Libraries Group,, Teachscape, VeriSign, & Vividence (a.k.a. Keynote Systems). Selected past clients from academia have included Chicago, Harvard, Michigan, MIT, NYU, Oregon, Swarthmore, UCLA, & Yale.

Contact Info

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